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Industrial Age Strategizing Is Dead, The Digital Age Is Frustratingly Adolescent, Companies & CEOs Lifecycles Have Halved. How Will You Scale & Win?
Turn your vision into action & strategy into sales
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Are you a ‘game shifter’, an exceptional achiever determined to scale and win in the chaos of the new disruptive and digital age?

Is the company on-track to where you want it to be?

Is everyone in your company pulling their own weight and contributing as they should?

Do you often run into obstacles, drains, and distractions that take your business off track?

In economies and markets that have become unimaginably complex & increasingly volatile, uncertain and ambiguous I support high octane Entrepreneurs & CEOs manage through the chaos and punch through to the next level in the Strategic Think, Plan, Act cycle that defines success or failure.

We achieve this by handcrafting a strategic business accelerator program that results in faster, smarter business decisions and a sustainable culture of highly engaged, results driven human beings.

As your Strategic Advisor & Business Coach we will work together to turn your vision into action & strategy into sales, achieving a guaranteed 10X-ing of your business.

Are you facing any of these PAINS?

Leadership Performance
Falling revenues & profitability
Cash Management
Employee Engagement
Client Retention
Stagnation & Boardroom Procrastination
Too much clutter, too much to do, no time 
Strategy & Business Models are under attack, or appear outdated

Are you after any of these GAINS?

Agility, Clarity & Alignment
A Truly Differentiated Strategy
Smarter, Faster Decision Taking
4X Employee Engagement
2X Cash, 3X Profitability, 10X Growth
Accountable, Results Focused Culture
Right People, Right Things, Done Right!
More time to work on growing the business rather than running it!

Results Guaranteed, if you aren’t happy with the results you can pay us what you know it was worth!

If you're serious about putting a ding in the universe and in massive acceleration for your business, let's talk. Scroll below to learn more about how I help boards, entrepreneurs, CEOs & their teams WIN

Edward Capaldi is highly passionate, inspirational and result focused; he does not let anything get in the way of results, while keeping the people he works with well-motivated in an atmosphere of openness, respect and trust. His facilitation of a strategic workshop for Dubai Bank’s Senior Management Team has resulted in us driving much higher, yet realistic targets. I believe the Rockefeller Habits and Edward’s coaching would benefit many organizations and leaders in achieving their business goals and objectives.

Giel-Jan M Van der Tol

Dubai Bank - July 2011

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By Ed Capaldi

The Accelerator Program exists to bring you back into focus and ramp up business performance to the next level. It will be hand crafted to suit your exact needs and made up of five components – People, Cash, Strategy, Agile Execution and Sales.

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An initial assessment, followed by a deep analysis of your pains and expected gains will lead to a fit against the Program’s five service offerings. You will get a first-hand experience of how the Accelerator Program can help you can take the right decisions to 10X your business. This is a no obligation engagement, and completely free of charge.

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