2x your Cash.

How solid is your cash pile? On a rating of 0-10 how good is your company at managing cash? If you got hit by a black swan moment have you the cash to weather the storm? Does Finance update daily your cash forecast for the next 90 days? How effective is your cash conversion cycle?  Are you the best in your industry at collections? Why not?

Whether your journey is to dominate your industry, build a sustainable business with extremely happy employees, or you are working night and day transforming a good company into a great company, you'd better keep your eyes on the cash.

Cash is King. Cash is king for good reason, bad cash management is the number one killer of growth companies, and it’s not just the job of your Finance Manager to manage cash. It’s everyone’s job!

In Great by Choice, Jim Collins gives empirical data on how the best run companies have mastered the art of cash management, ready to pounce during black swan moments, and able to quickly fund new business models to accelerate and dominate where they choose to play to win.    
In the VUCA reality, cash is your get out of jail card and your ace up your sleeve.

Growth Tools

All tools are free to download, practical, effective and simple to deploy, all conform to the One Page KISS Rule and are designed to help you turn your vision into action and strategy into sales.

The following tools will get your cash flow under control and have an immediate impact on fueling your growth within 90 days of disciplined action.


Cash Conversion Cycle

The cash conversion cycle (CCC) is the theoretical amount of time between a company spending cash and receiving cash per each sale, output, unit of operation, etc. It is basically a measure of how long cash is tied up in working capital.

Made infamous by the Dell Corporation, it is one of their core capabilities that allowed them to successfully buy out EMC for $60bn and create the world’s largest private company.

It all started in the early 1990s Dell was growing too fast and running out of cash. They hired Tom Meredith as their CFO and one of his missions was to increase Liquidity (Cash). When he took over in 1991 their Cash Conversion Cycle was at 63 days, by 2006 it was -39 days.

Think about it. Dell’s Cash Conversion Cycle, the amount of time it takes to go from a sales proposal to getting paid for that order is in MINUS days…..

They did this by applying a kaizen approach of continuous improvements on their key processes. As a side note, if you are using OKRs make sure your process owners (see PACe) are continuously improving their KPIs through their OKRs or via the CEO Strategic Dashboard (aka Balanced Scorecards).

Objective: Accelerate Cash


Accelerate Cash.

Key Benefits & Results

  1. 2X your Cash. 4X the Oxygen to accelerate your growth
  2. Continuous process improvements eliminating mistakes, shortening cycle times
  3. Innovations at the business model level
  4. Clarity & Alignment within the Senior Management Team

7 Levers of Cash

How often do you look at the 7 levers that impact cash? This one-page tool looks at the 7 main financial levers available to managers to improve cash and returns in the business.

By calculating the benefit to cash if a 1 % or one-day change is made to each of these levers, a business can construct a plan around cash that focuses the business on achieving a particular cash or return outcome using KPIs around these 7 levers.

Our clients run this tool every 90 days as part of their preparations for our 90 Day strategic planning workshops. In just 90 days one client was able to claim back $170k, not bad for a small $5m start up.

Download the growth tool and discover the 7 levers, and act immediately.


Accelerate Cash.

Key Benefits & Results

  1. More Cash is more oxygen to fuel growth
  2. Continuous process improvements driven through 90 day OKRs
  3. Clarity & Alignment within the Senior Management Team as ‘low hanging fruit’ options to accelerate cash are identified quickly, debated fiercely and actioned immediately


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