​Industrial age strategising is dead, the Digital Economy is frustratingly adolescent.
Adapt or die.

I am a Passionate Results focused Strategic Advisor & Business Coach supporting high octane CEOs & Entrepreneurs accelerate through the chaos of a disruptive age, turning vision into action & strategy into sales to achieve a 10X-ing of their business.

A practitioner of Kaizen, Kaikaku, & SCRUM with +20,000 hours in-the-trenches experience supporting awesome individuals punch through to the next level in the Strategic Think, Plan, Act cycle that defines success or failure in markets that have become unimaginably complex & increasingly unpredictable.

My Clients

  • Boards, Entrepreneurs, CEOs & their teams.

Their Challenges

  •  Senior Management Team ability to execute strategy
  • Falling revenues & profitability
  • Unable to attract & retain great talent
  • Too many things to do, no time to get them done
  • No Cash, No Oxygen
  • Client Retention
  • Strategy & Business Models under attack, or outdated

Their Gains

  • Clarity & Alignment
  • Truly Differentiated Strategy
  • Smarter, Faster Decision Taking
  • 2X Cash, 3X Profitability, 10X Growth
  • Accountable, Results Focused Culture
  • Right People, Right Things, Done Right!


You can count on me to thoroughly understand your business, help you turn pains into gains and transform your vision into realty, fast.

Why Ed Capaldi

  • A unique IP (Intellectual Property) based on real-life “in the trenches’ experience in fine tuning and continuously improving the world’s premier executive coaching framework to the unique business cultures of the Middle East and Asia.
  • A hands-on experience in building great leadership teams through the adoption of simple and effective tools like the Rockefeller Habits and Business Model Canvas with my lifelong pursuit of excellence and LEAN leadership practices in order to help my clients rapidly overcome major obstacles, deal with tough decisions and capitalize on new opportunities in an economy that has gone from big bang to bust to the green shoots of recovery in no time.
  • A straight forward honest approach to serving my clients which I learnt growing up working the tables of my father’s restaurant and hotel business. I have your back, always. Going the extra mile is why so much of my work comes from referrals.
  • As part of the international Gazelles Coaches community with over 165 coaches and more than 10.000 customers worldwide I offer my clients the guarantee that if at the end of the engagement you are not happy with the results you pay for what it was worth to you.  I guarantee that within a short period of time the tools and frameworks you commissioned me to bring in will have become embedded into the very fabric of your daily operations, your managers will have become effective leaders, and there will a result focused culture of ‘what gets measured gets done’.


The only Gazelles International Business Coach trained in both Scrum and Business Model Canvas covering the Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia with the right to use Gazelles International intellectual property with my clients.

Gazelles International Coaches are many of the most experienced, most effective business coaches in the world, and you have access to this extensive network of experts. If I can’t help you, I’ll know someone who can. I have a proven track record of getting great results. 98% of my clients are referred to me by existing clients and business contacts. Please spend some time to read what my clients are saying about me or let’s connect.

Every one of my clients has unique set of pains and needs, and so The Accelerator Program evolved into a hand crafted value proposition rather than an off-the-shelf prepackaged solution unsuited to this region. As with anything hand crafted it comes with experience and passion:

  • Over 25 years     General Management and leadership experience in Lean/ Agile & Toyota     Quality Management
  • Over 10 years     applying Gazelles Rockefeller Habits 4Ds and the Scaling Up framework directly     growing the leading companies across the region
  • Over 8 years as a     CTI co-active coach to more than 100 high growth individuals across     multiple industries.

What I have learnt is that to be successful in our region you need:

  • A handful of rules     and act consistently within these rules (which is why you better have only     a few rules)
  • Repeat yourself a     lot; after all we are building the habits of great leaders
  • Hire an experienced     coach that can not only hold the CEO and the Senior Management Team to     account, but will also challenge their thinking because, just like     Marshall Goldsmith pointed out, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”.

The Accelerator Program is based on real-life experience in fine tuning and continuously improving the world’s premier business modeling methodology and the world’s most recognized executive coaching framework to helping my clients transform their vision into action and strategy into sales, fast!

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Ed was born to coach. A great communicator and strategic thinker with passion and integrity second to none! I highly recommend his services to any CIO in the region.

Bassem Aboukhater
Sources Middle East & Africa

If you are looking for grounded advise on all matters related to IT and Business alignment and service provisioning, don’t hesitate and call Ed, I’m sure he will be of immense value.

Tariq Elsadik

Ed’s approach to bringing IT and the Business together is extremely effective, there is tremendous transparency between what the business needs and does and then in how IT sustains business growth.

Hatem Manawy
MBA, MSc EngAmericana GroupGulf, Levant and Central Asia

Edward Capaldi is highly passionate, inspirational and result focused; he does not let anything get in the way of results, while keeping the people he works with well-motivated in an atmosphere of openness, respect and trust.

Giel-Jan M Van der Tol

Ed has the gift of bringing clarity to complex situations and help deal with it effectively. His sincerity and passion is evident in the results he generates.

Faizal Eledath
General Manager, National Bank, Oman

As a coach, Ed is a person who is not afraid at looking within oneself, thereby able to continuously improve the way he operates. Ed was able to stretch my comfort zone in order to achieve greater results, thereby meeting our goals in time and to high quality.

Marclino Fernandes
Al Nisr Publishing

I have worked with many coaches and I find you to be an extremely good coach with a relentless approach to your client’s success. I will recommend you to all the CEO’s and companies who need to climb to the next level.

Sejal Nagjee
Milestone Landscaping LLC

Ed helped me to see my problems from a different angle by asking revealing questions that I did not want to ask myself. He understands deeply the relevance related to strategy creation and follow up.

Rony Zagursky

I have known Ed for the past 9 years, he is totally committed to his client’s success, keeping you laser focused on achieving your end vision. He can be brutally honest and direct when needed yet we always have fun even when he is pushing hard to ease out those big fat white elephants we all procrastinate over.

Mohan Nagle
Blue Ocean Systems

Known Ed for some time now! A man of unbelievable passion and drive that would be an asset to any organization. We set up a Ferrazzi group in Dubai to drive accountability and success. He helped me gain clarity on my vision and turn it into manageable 90 day ‘rocks’. He likes people to be accountable. He sets goals and follows up to make sure they are on track.

Mark Kenaghan

I have known Ed Capaldi for over 20 years , and would recommend him highly to any prospective Client. His attention to detail and constant drive to develop one self but most importantly those around him was and still is exceptional. I aspire to achieving the standards Ed has set with his clients and colleagues in order to Drive the Business.

Harry Afzal
Alternative Networks
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