Acceleration not Procrastination! One Habit that will boost your productivity: Keep a daily ‘vomit’ journal!

Acceleration not Procrastination! One Habit that will boost your productivity: Keep a daily ‘vomit’ journal!

Yes I did write ‘vomit’ and I’ll explain in due course! But let us start with some blah blah blah. I know you have heard this a thousand times but it is worth repeating! Super-duper, massively successful people write down their daily priorities each & every morning, without fail. Coupled to this they have mastered the discipline of staying laser-focused on delivering their priorities without ever getting sucked into and distracted by a fire-fight or two along the way.

Let’s face it. People that write stuff down tend to be more successful than those that do not. It’s a sad fact!!

Recently I learnt something awesome from one of my clients. Their habit of keeping a daily ‘vomit’ journal. This habit allows them to rapidly process key learning each and every day, this new-found knowledge settles over night before again surfacing subconsciously whilst writing down their daily priorities. It’s a classic example of my Think Plan Act loop.

The amazing thing about this habit is the impact it has every morning when you write out your daily priorities. You know where this is leading so I won’t bore you with any more blah blah blah. The point is the extra oooomph given to the daily priorities is almost tangible.

So, here's my challenge. Keep a daily ‘vomit’ journal for the next thirty days. You learn something new every day, surely there is nothing more wasteful than not actioning this new knowledge immediately?

The journal doesn't need to make sense to anyone but you, it can be private or public, on paper or electronic. The trick is to get into the habit of ‘vomiting’ out a journal of your key learning before you switch off for the day. One or two sentences, ten bullet points, whatever works for you, what’s important is to brain dump, to ‘vomit’ at the end of the day.

"So why the ‘vomit’? Lawrence F, a great friend of mine, is in the business of building great brands." When helping me create The Growth Catalyst brand he introduced me to the concept of the ‘vomit’ page. It works like this. Grab a big pad of paper, focus your mind and let it all gush out. Vomiting’s a great way to get all those ideas straight out and onto paper without ‘screening them’. Its fast, slightly painful and messy, but ultimately you feel the better for it.

In a special kind of way this habit accelerates our learning, bettering ourselves one day at a time.

Good luck and please let me know how it goes. Write to me on


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